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A spa severely affected by Hurricane Irene needs our help. It is the Windham Spa in the Catskills of New York. 


One of our SpaFinder team members here in our NY offices, Raul Diaz, brought it to my attention as there has been some publicity surrounding their plight.  As you can see from the photo if you go to it was totally damaged by flooding due to the Hurricane. 


It reminded me that we started in direct response to another hurricane - hurricane Katrina that caused so much damage in  New Orleans and affected the spa industry there.  In fact it was in response to Keith and Andre who ran a spa there at the time that got totally wiped out that we got the bulletin board started.  I remember that once we posted, there were quite a few people who offered to help in small ways and that ultimately they ended up in new jobs in another part of the country.


So how about we come together again and help Windham Spa get back on their feet?  For our part, SpaFinder would like to give you a free 6 month enhanced listing on our website (it's worth about $450) once you are ready to start accepting guests again.


I believe the email to use is and the person who is listed on their website is Antonia. 




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Happy to receive this email from Antonia quite soon after posting the call for help.  If you can help or just send some words of encouragement the email is

Dear Susie & Team,

Thank you so much for the generous offer with both the bulletin board and the listing on the website. I cannot tell you how good it feels to hear from so many voices in OUR industry. Thank you. Whatever you can do is a tremendous help. We have finished gutting our entire first floor and contine work to salvage the building... There are many obstacles still in the way but one day at a time makes them more manegable. Wish us luck and please keep us in your thoughts. Thank you again for your generosity and commraderie. I hope one day in the not so distant future I can take you up on the listing...

Again, many thanks.


(518) 929 8537

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