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For sale is the Skinmaster MD7.  I purchased these two devices from a major medical skin clinic.  Apparently they were rarely used because the clinic decided to go with all in one devices.  They are classified as laser devices and having researched them, they are incredible for stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing out the skin...etc.  Another tidbit about them is that they were used successfully with celebrities.  I currently have two of them.  Seeking 5K each/OBO.  These machines are made by BIOREM in ITALY for Sybaritic, Inc.  They are in excellent condition. 

Another facial device for sale is the SkinBella by Sybaritic.   Asking 4K  It is a particle free microdermabrasion machine that is an excellent alternative for those that can't have sand blasted or diamond wanded microderms.  For those that have thin, sensitive skin and various types of skin that easily get PIH--then this machine is for you.  

Although I have never had the opportunity to use these devices, they are pretty much self explanatory and quite easy to use.  I have never used these machines but I will answer any questions you have.  They will yield you great results.  


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