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2004 Model year device with less than 80,000 total pulses registered on the machine. Comes with the, RS Head, and Y Head, each with less than 1,000 shots, plus cart, manuals and 2 pairs of goggles. System is like brand new; it was last serviced in September 2007.

GREAT STARTER IPL SYSTEM AT A VERY LOW PRICE!!! Palomar's first pulsed light system works very well and will perform like many other systems that cost twice or three times as much.

Asking Price: $18,000

EsteLux Features:

Affordability and Value
The Palomar EsteLux combines the latest flashlamp technology with streamlined engineering. It is a highly effective system for hair removal and vascular and pigmented lesion treatments that all physicians can afford. Moreover, the EsteLux Lux Y and Lux R handpieces have a 100,000-pulse lifespan to minimize maintenance costs and increase value.

Multiple Handpieces and Treatment Settings
Several easily interchangeable handpieces allow the EsteLux to treat a wide range of hair, pigmented lesions and vascular lesions. You can add more handpieces as you go, ensuring your system won't become obsolete. In addition, operators can select from several pulsewidth/ fluence settings, depending on the type of skin being treated and on whether the goal is longer-term results or faster treatments.

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I think it is very convenient to remove hair with a laser! will tell you how it is important to help other people!
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