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I trained with Lavish Lashes and I am having trouble with the glue. The clientes are complaining. Any suggestions?? Can someone please let me know which glue bonds for at least 2 months.

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Is there a problem with it holding well? Or is it hard for you to work with? I trained with Xtreme and I haven't had any problems with their glue, but I heard that Lash Beauty's glue is very good. I still have alot left so I won't purchase a new glue just yet, but I would like to try Lash Beauty's. I had one client who lost about 4 lashes in one eye during the night, but we think she must have rubbed her eyes while she was sleeping and excessive rubbing will break the bond and the lashes will fall out. I also had another client's lashes last for 4 weeks without getting a touch up!! But she was very gentle with her lashes and took extra care with them. So I would stress to your clients to be VERY gentle! That is the most important thing I could think of...and of course follow the after care instructions.

I hope I was of some help to you!!!


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I think Xtreme are the best. I searched a lot of companies and have taken a couple of courses. Nova I wouldn't even consider. How they market themselves is deceptive (the photoshop before and afters) and their glue, in spite of their unsubstantiated claim to be the safest, is clumpy and inferior. I found the Xtreme lashes the best, they have a much greater range of colour, sizes and creative artistry as it comes to the application. No other company has the Advanced Training like Xtreme.

They are very helpful, took returns without questions and have been a pleasure to work with.

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Anyone considering learning this should get training, X-treme, Nova, and 3-D all have good products but if you want a lot of insider tips go check out and click on the lash extensions blog. It is a great spot that us pros go to to share tips.

beatrice beckers
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  thank you all for being there for my enquire, I believe that esthtics bring people together because WE CARE!
any suggestions in lamp thrapies?
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can anyone tell me the website for Prisma lashes?????

I have run it on a search engine and it popped up with not results.

Or if you know of another site or vender i can purchase refills for my Prisma kit.
I love eyelash extensions
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Okay Ladies.  I offer and use Jane Beauty.  Love it.  Doesn't dry fast and doesn't dry slow.  It's just right.  I like the lashes too.  I've been offering the service and products for over two years and haven't switched yet.  Clients come back for fills every 2-3 weeks. Check out the product catalog at  Thanks! Enjoy.

Eyelash extension stylist in the Seattle Tacoma area.

bea beck
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        Hi, I tried to find the Prisma company at the congress of esthetics in  ORLANDO but they were not there.
         If I may my dear your pics are nice but the lash application needs to revamp, only because your lash application is  very thin or at leat it looks like that in the pic.
          I think that if you apply ,more lashes and not so long it will make the lashes look more natural.
           I hope you don't take offense is just expressing my opinion and you can make it look better.
Sincerely, Bea

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Get on board with the industry's most exciting new service - EYELASH EXTENSIONS.

My name is Linda St-Pierre Pilon. I am a Certified Trainer and Regional Sales Representative for Jane Beauty. We are America's #1 Eyelash Extension Supplier. We have excellent products, pricing and support. You can view our website at

Give me a call at 813-223-1875 so we can discuss how you can get certified. $450 group training and $600 one-on-one training kit (kits vary from $179 to $425).

Already certified and would like to obtain our products - all you need to do is provide proof of prior training.

Best regards,

Linda St-Pierre
Jane Beauty - Certified Trainer and Regional Sales Representative


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Are the lashes actually profitable for business?  When you factor in supplies, training, and time with each client?

I am just wandering because our spa is considering adding Xtreme Lashes, but it just seems to take so long.   Anyone care to comment on the demand vs. investment experience?

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The lashes are very profitable IF you have someone who is very good and trained well, otherwise you are throwing money out the window and can potentially damage your reputation. There is a lot that can go wrong in this procedure and you never want to put a client in a dangerous situation that could cause potentially permanent lash damage. TRAINING is KEY to success! 

Dina S Good

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I have looked at several different extensions but have not found one that I would recommend. Thanks for your input. I will give some of these recommendations and try. It seems that xtreme has fairly high ratings. What do you guys think? What input on the right kinds of hot tubs would you give.

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Ladies, please tell me your experiences with Eyelash Growth products........???,
I use an product Idol Lash, this is safe and very use full, this product I got from
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