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3000BC HOME is like Mary Kay, but on steroids. We’re about empowering women, and a few good men, to create the career of their dreams. 3000BC HOME offers you, your girlfriends, your sisters, your cousins, your co-workers choices that your mothers never had. We are friends advising friends. We mix gumption and moxie with the power of social media and on-line shopping. We say, “Never underestimate a woman with an arsenal of skin care products and a Skin Scope – the world is her oyster!”

You’ve heard the phrase; slow and steady wins the race? We’ve been selling skin care products in a chain of award winning day spas for the past twenty years. The products developed a cult like following and have been mentioned in Vogue, Glamour, InStyle, Allure, Essence, and Lucky magazine.

We believe that the best defense is a good offense, (yes, some of us enjoy a good football game.) We know that giving your skin what it wants is so much easier than correcting it in the long run! The Skin Scope identifies what your skin wants based on a color code, allowing every Skincare Advisor to be an expert.

Why do we think people love our products so much? We think its because we combine the purest botanicals with the most effective FDA approved medical products. Our skin care programs feed your skin wholesome botanical nutrients while protecting and fortifying it with powerful medical ingredients.  No wonder why 3000BC has been nationally recognized. The Four Seasons, W Hotels, Nordstroms, Henry Bendel's on 5th Ave in NYC and the Peninsula Hotels have all at one time distributed our award winning products. 

As a 3000BC Home Skin Care Adviser, you'll earn 25-30% in commissions based off your product sales!  Recruit a friend and earn an additional 4-8% in commissions based off their product sales.  An average show is approximately 2 hours and averages $1000 in product sales.  Work part time or full time around your already busy schedule.

Are you a product junkie or an esthetician that wants to make extra $$$ or someone who LOVES skin care as much as we do?!  Go to

To be an adviser, there is an investment of $199 for your Starter Kit.  That includes a skin scope machine (which normally retails for $600), your personal 3000BC Home virtual website, brochures and order forms AND four 3000BC products. 

Contact Jennifer at for more information or to register today!

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